Wednesday, December 19

Wild Fashion: Emotio-Hankie

This invention is not for everyone. Many would in fact need the precise opposite. That for another time. But for those who have a hard time shedding a tear at the right moment, this could bring about the right measure of demonstrated concern at just the right moment.

So here are the raw facts on the invention: One hankie. Onion juice. Tightly sealed bag.

Here is how it works: You have this bag that contains this onion juice soaked hankie. Then comes the funeral or very sad situation that is extremely sad but just can't bring the tears on naturally. Now you have have the solution! Quietly take out your onion hankie and apply to the nose. Enough syn-propanethial-S-oxide normally escapes so that your tears of sympathy will start to show. Your deep concern, no longer is only superficial but expressed with the most genuine (until now) display of actually heart-felt sorrow.

It seems that even the politicians these days might be in need of this new invention.