Monday, December 24

wRONg Policy

This is why Ron Paul doesn't have a clue on Foreign Policy:

In the
1950s, the CIA installed the Shah in Iran. It was not until the hostage
crisis of the late 1970s that the unintended consequences of this
became apparent. This generated Iranian hatred of America and led
to the takeover by the reactionary Khoumini and the Islamic fundamentalists.
It caused greater regional instability than we anticipated. Our meddling
in the internal affairs of Iran was of no benefit to us and set the
stage for our failed policy in dealing with Iraq.....Although
our puppet dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has lasted for many decades,
it's becoming shakier every day. The Saudi people are not exactly
friendly toward us, and our military presence on their holy soil is
greatly resented. This contributes to the radical fundamentalist hatred
directed toward us.

Radical Muslims will hate us if we are there or not. Period.

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James A. N. Stauffer said...

Probably true but interventions could create more radical Muslims, increase support for radical Muslims among moderate Muslims, reduce the support of other countries when we try to address the issues created by radical Muslims. Basically our actions can either make the problem worse or make it better. Do you agree? (This apparently didn't post the first time so hopefully this isn't a double-post.)