Wednesday, May 30

Wide White Congrats

Congrats to Wide White and his recent new wife Jamie.

The Little Red Truck Said Yes

Fred Thompson is unofficially officially in the race for President. Another unannouncement that I am happy to see. I'm not all the way behind Fred Thompson but he comes as a welcome possibility in contrast to McCain and Giuliani. It's time to see the goods.

Tuesday, May 22

It is not Amnesty.

A new bill in the Senate to place some sort of legal parameters around the millions of illegal aliens in this country has many people misunderstanding again what exactly the crime is, and what amnesty means. This bill is not amnesty. Amnesty as defined by Wikipedia is

"is an act of justice by which the supreme power in a state restores those who may have been guilty of any offence against it to the position of innocent persons. It includes more than pardon in as much as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offence."

The bill proposed in the Senate requires that those who wish to proceed toward citizenship in the United States must first pay a $5,000 fine first. For all those who complain about the crime of illegal immigrants coming over the boarder this actually is a punishment that fits the crime. To come across the boarder illegally is not a felony. It is only a misdemeanor under current law. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor is only twelve months in jail. Most are punished with a fine. This law punishes the crime with a fine and then lets them apply for citizenship again just like anyone else.

This is the fair and right response. Immigrants have done wrong and should be punished. Just like the shoplifter is also allowed to shop again after he has paid the penalty for his crime the illegals should be able to become citizens after they have paid for their wrong actions.

Sex Selection and Selective Reduction

Several recent articles have made the change in the abortion debate abundantly clear. First, the anti-life left now openly admits that what the mother is destroying is a life humanity. "Believe me they know" Dan Neil finally admits in this Los Angeles Times article. Secondly, there is a reemergence of eugenics philosophy. Babies are killed who are not the right sex or that might have a genetic trait that makes it more susceptible to certain aliments. This was clearly brought to the forefront in a recent article in the Washington Post that talks about couples who have undergone fertility treatments. When more than the desired number "take" some are then selectively reduced. That is they kill off the ones that are less desirable.

We have come to selecting the best and killing off the rest without any twinge of conscience. It makes one want to throw up there hands and wonder what the world is coming to.

HT World Mag Blog

Tuesday, May 15

Falwell Passes


I needed a laugh. If you need one to read the following examples of poor English from around the world.


Choose twin bed or marriage size; we regret no King Kong size.

In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Orthodox monastery

You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists and writers are buried daily except Thursdays.

In an Italian hotel, signs by the bell

If service is required, give two strokes to the maid and three to the waiter

It is kindly requested from our guests that they avoid dirting and doing rumours in the rooms.

Hot and cold water running up and down the stairs.

Las Palmas, Canary Islands

If you telephone for room service you will get the answer you deserve.

Rome, Italy

Please dial 7 to retrieve your auto from the garbage.

Ethanol demand boosts corn planting - Yahoo! News

Hagel's Anannoucement

Hagel's Anannoucement
Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War veteran who has been openly critical of the administration's strategy in Iraq, will announce on Monday whether he plans to run for president in 2008.

Hagel, a two-term Nebraska senator, said he will hold a news conference in Omaha "regarding his future plans." Nine other Republicans are seeking the party's nomination to succeed President George W. Bush in 2008.

Searching the Universe for Pork

Spot the alien:

$1,500,000 added by the House for the Allen Telescope Array at the University of California, Berkley. This telescope is part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI). SETI’s website boasts about the telescope’s potential to help uncover extraterrestrial life and its strength as a radio telescope. The website fails to mention any defense-related mission, unless the telescope will alert us to an alien attack. It is no wonder that we have to look for intelligent life elsewhere after seeing how Congress spends our money.

Wednesday, May 9

How Tommy Can win

George Will has the formula: boots on Iowa ground. Tommy sure did it in Wisconsin that way. I wonder how he will do in Iowa. He should have a better shot than most of the pundits and media attention give him.

Monday, May 7

Greetings Queen Lizzy!

Etiquette Advice Abounds Amid Queen's Visit

Like the Following:

Should you have the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the U.S., don't panic. Here are some etiquette tips that will see you through the encounter in fine form.


As "Your Majesty" on first being introduced and subsequently as "Ma'am."

Gracefully. Don't eat too quickly....When the queen stops eating, so should you.

"Try to refrain from vigorously pumping the royal arm; a brief touch is preferred."

Hump. If she or the Brits think she is so stuck to not accept a vigorous handshake, I don't care for her. Not that I cared much for the royal family before, but I think they should just fade away. Let me just warn the queen right now: if I ever met her I would call her Lizzy and give her a hearty pumping handshake. I would respect her but no person, especially a person with no authority needs no formalities.

Thursday, May 3


Stop Hate Crime/Thought Crime Bill!

Act Now!

our help is needed to help stop a Hate Crimes bill in Congress being voted on May 3rd.

The "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2007" or H.R. 1592 is being voted on TODAY not only destroys the equal protection of those who are not homosexuals but as recent testimony has clarified, seriously threatens our freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

This bill provides special penalties for those who commit crimes against those who engage in homosexual activities or some undefined state of "sexual orientation" or "gender identity".

Additionally it threatens freedom of speech and religious freedom.

This was all clearly identified during committee hearings during which Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asked, “If a minister was giving a sermon, a Bible study or any kind of written or spoken message saying that homosexuality was a serious sin and a person in the congregation went out and committed a crime against a homosexual would the minister be charged with the crime of incitement?”

Democrat Congressman Artur Davis from Alabama eventually said “Yes.”

This exchange erupted after Rep. Mike Pence proposed an amendment that would have added: “Nothing in this section limits the religious freedom of any person or group under the constitution.” This amendment was voted down by the Democratic majority on the committee.

If Congressman are admitting that a Pastor could be charged with incitement for teaching about homosexuality and amendments to protect religious freedom are voted down there is little doubt how seriously this bill threatens many of the fundamental freedoms we wish to defend.

Please call or email your Congressman. (It only takes a few minutes and please use your home Representative.)


Call Capital Switchboard: 1-800-839-5276

Ask them to vote NO on H.R. 1592.

President Says He Will Veto Hate Crime Legislation

On May 3rd, the House of Representatives will consider H.R. 1592, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. This legislation is harmful to all Americans because it perpetuates the very hatred and strife that it seeks to prevent. This legislation would federalize every state and local crime, so long as there exists the possibility that the crime was potentially motivated by hate - but only the specific "hate" directed to the special groups included in this bill and other hate crime legislation across the country.

The First Amendment establishes that Congress "shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech....". The nature of "hate crime" legislation is to require that law enforcement officials try to ascertain the specific thoughts and motivations that a perpetrator may have had while committing a violent crime, in order to stiffen the penalty for the underlying offense. Sadly, this hate crime legislation further segregates people into different groups - based on sex, gender identity, minority status, and other often nebulous terms - then seeks to either reward or punish these different groups using different standards. Thus, under this legislation, a violent crime against an individual that is targeted because he or she falls within one of the bill's protected classes will be investigated, prosecuted, and sentenced more harshly than an identical but "random" violent crime against a pregnant woman or a child, for example.

Further, religious leaders promoting traditional morality could be made subject to compulsory legal processes - and forced into court - simply because their religious teachings may have been misconstrued by a deranged criminal, particularly as prosecutors blur the line between what constitutes a "hate crime" and what they deem as hate speech.

"Equal justice under law" is one of America's most firmly embedded legal principles. Our Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, and the Fourteenth Amendment provides that "no state shall... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." This bill undermines these bedrock principles of liberty and justice, and takes the blindfold off of lady justice, so she can pick winners and losers.

The Republican Study Committee respectfully urges you to veto any legislation which threatens to undermine our most cherished constitutional rights - the freedom of speech and religious expression and equal protection under the law - and ask you to issue a strongly worded veto threat against H.R. 1592 or any bill that contains the vestiges of this legislation.

Respectfully yours,

Jeb Hensarling, RSC Chairman, 110th Congress
Mike Pence, RSC Chairman, 109th Congress
Sue Myrick, RSC Chairman, 108th Congress
John Shadegg, RSC Chairman, 107th Congress

Wednesday, May 2

The next step in life

Good article on the next step toward the full protection of life.

"Around the country, ultrasound bills are all the rage. Most of them
require clinics to offer each woman an ultrasound view of her fetus.
Mississippi enacted a law on March 22. Idaho followed April 3. Georgia's legislature passed a bill a week ago; South Carolina's is about to do the same."