Friday, August 31

High Heel Totes

With the knowledge that I am rushing where angles fear to tread I wish to make one small contribution to ladies fashion. If I offend I ask your simple apology before I begin. Fool though I may be, please understand ladies, that it is from simple concern for your comfort and safety that I propose the high-heel tote.

The need is all too obvious. High heels must be closely related to Chinese foot binding. Invented to be sure at the high water mark of the Spanish Inquisition, until now they fulfilled the role of the thumbscrew of the feet.

The solution is elegant yet simple. A decorative strap slipped over the shoulder that attaches to your high fashion heels. By all means wear those heels while you are sitting. But when you need to make tracks, make tracks and not pock marks. No more pinched toes, no more broken arches. At the same time your exquisite sense of fashion and coordination is there for all to admire—slung over your should mind you. By this means, whenever you have to walk, you carry your stilettos instead of torturing your feet to transport them. I have even thought possible (although this still needs development) tote matching slippers that can be worn inside of the heels or stored in the purse to be used whenever you need to take a hike from Town Hall to Founders.

I have no patent. My concern is for you. My email address is lpillman at for your high heel totes.

(Pictures perhaps soon)

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Thursday, August 30

Judge makes law in Iowa: Those who practice homosexaulity can marry

For Wisconsin this should be the biggest evidence yet of the value of our Constitutional amendment.

A county judge struck down Iowa's decade-old gay marriage ban as unconstitutional Thursday and ordered local officials to process marriage licenses for six gay couples. Gay couples from anywhere in Iowa could apply for a marriage license from Polk County under Judge Robert Hanson's ruling. Less than two hours after word of the ruling was publicized, two Des Moines men applied for a license, the first time the county had accepted a same-sex application. The approval process takes three days.

And I'm sure this was just another instance of judge shopping. Ahggg!

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Hillary Care Wisconsin Forces Taxpayer Funded Abortion

There is the fiscal argument for no universal health care under the proposed 'Healthy Wisconsin' socialized medicine idea proposed by the Wisconsin Democrats. There is also the moral.

Under the proposed plan, abortion essentially on demand for a reason as simple as the women's age would constitute reason for an abortion.

Democrats promoting the 'Healthy Wisconsin' plan are trying to 'sell'
it to the public by proclaiming that the plan's coverage would be
the same as the coverage state employees currently receive. However,
Wisconsin taxpayers need to know that state employee health insurance
includes virtually unrestricted abortion coverage.

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Tuesday, August 28

In need of College Education

Once again, the electoral college is being displayed as a poster child of all that is not democratic in the Untied States. Once again the good men and women of the United States must be reminded that we do not live in a democracy any more than we live on the moon, and that is a good thing. California driven by Republicans are attempting to award the states electoral votes by congressional district. While the measure is unlikely to pass, they are not only short sighted political gerrymandering but destructive to our republic.

Remember what Franklin said when he came out of the Constitutional convention when asked what type of government had been created: "A republic, if you can keep it!"

We are about to loose it, and we will get the full force of mob, democratic rule.

The author presents three reasons why the Electoral college is not good:

1. It betrays the principle of majority rule.
Response:This is also what is called mob rule. The Founders specifically were appalled by this type of rule as much as they were by monarchy. They hated king George, Revolutionary France even more.

2. It reduces the general election contest to a matter of what happens in Ohio, Florida, and a handful of other swing states. Response: While taking away the electoral college might make a candidate visit more states, it would NOT make him visit more Americans or a larger cross-section of the American people. Candidates always have limited time and resources. They will try and spend those resources where they have the greatest chance of making a difference. This will mean spending in the urban areas were people are easier and cheaper to reach. Rural areas loose. My town of Menomonie would never have seen Bush and Bloomer (another small town) would never have seen Kerry.

3. The "proven pliability" of the Electoral College invites partisan operatives etc. to engage in state level manipulation.
Response: I've got a surprise for you! The Electoral College gives states more rights. That is the whole point. While the Framers did not fully understand the way that the system would develop (they didn't even think in terms of parties or that the electors would be required to vote for someone) the added control that the Electoral College affords the states would be the least of their concerns.

And now for the biggest irony: the quote by Jefferson. "We are all republicans, we are all federalist." While talking about parties do you think there was a reason that no one wanted to be called a "democrat"? Democracy? Eeew!

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Emu Escape

Poor Bird.

Employees of a Wal-Mart Supercenter used shopping carts to corral a
wayward emu outside the store Monday about 6 a.m., West Bend police
A manager fed the emu grapes and apples in an attempt to calm the bird inside the makeshift enclosure.
Richard Takacs, the owner of 3-year-old Myron, speculated the bird had been chased from his nearby farm by a coyote.

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Wednesday, August 22

Rev. Brown

Cool missionary:

George Brown (1835-1917) first met Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife on board the SS Lubeck, sailing from Sydney to Tonga, in September 1890. At that point, Brown was the Special Commissioner to Tonga and bound on a tour of inspection. Stevenson was returning to Samoa where he had settled in 1889. It was a time when the Pacific Islands were becoming more familiar to European travellers – Gauguin moved to the French colony of Tahiti in 1891 – but Brown had lived amongst the islanders since 1860 and was an unrivalled source of stories and information about the people and their culture. He was also a regular correspondent of the Zoological Society of London, and knowledgeable about local flora and fauna.

Truth marches the world on!

My Physics teacher Dr. Kucks, made the intriguing comment that Physics progress rapidly as scientists placed more emphasis on the mathematical and logical aspects of physics instead of the philosophical. The irony of this fact is that while many scientists reject any form of belief in absolutes based in a religious foundation and espouse the modern ideas of relativism, they at the same time have used the absolutes of logic and mathematics to advance physics (as well as many other sciences). It is an astounding demonstration of believe what we say not what we use.

The Canadian Man"ning"

Charles Manning is an intriguing example of a solid Christian who worked as a Premier of Alberta (Canada) even while having a weekly "Back to the Bible Hour" radio program. His legacy on the structure of the Alberta economy and moral conservatism remains until today. A real witness.

"This world will at last come into a time of peace," the Premier of Alberta said last week. "The earth will be as full of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

As he does every Sunday, Premier Ernest Charles Manning had stepped out of his role as boss of oil-booming Alberta, and assumed his other position as head of the Prophetic Bible Institute in downtown Calgary. To some 250 people, who had braved 12°-below-zero weather to hear him, the pale, slender politician preached in a twangy, compelling voice. Calgary's radio station CFCN carried his weekly Back to the Bible Hour to the rest of Alberta.Pupil & Master. Ernest Manning's blending of religion and politics had its beginning one Sunday afternoon 23 years ago. He was a Saskatchewan farm boy when he first heard a broadcast from Calgary by William ("Bible Bill") Aberhart, radio evangelist. Two years later, after listening to Aberhart every Sunday, he set out for Calgary to enroll as a student at Aberhart's Prophetic Bible Institute.

GOOD music

Even as Wal-Mart tries to launch itself into the music industry with
lower prices and better quality (think MP3s at $.88 instead of apples
$.99) it keeps its morality too. Wal-Mart has decided to retain its in
store policy of only selling censored music. Well Wal-mart guarantees
nothing one wonders just what qualifies as offensive, the simple effort
and pursuit of good is worth being thankful for.

See here:

a bit hard to believe that all the customers who shop at the world's
largest retailer want censored versions of music, though, but that's
what they get. Only edited versions of albums with parental advisories
are available, just as they are in Wal-Mart's offline stores. This
isn't a new policy; Wal-Mart's online music store has carried only
edited versions for years, but it's worth pointing out to potential new
users tempted by the lower prices and lack of DRM.

Saturday, August 18

Another Sad Kidnapping of a Christian Aid Worker in Afganistan

A German woman working with a Christian aid
organisation was kidnapped by four gunmen in Kabul on Saturdaywhile the
radical Islamist Taliban group denied any involvement.

May God help her.

Friday, August 17


Just wanted to thank you all not only for visiting but for using the Phone Shark link on the side to buy your phone cards. It really does help me keep blogging.

Phone Shark continues to be the best place I have found to buy phone cards. They even let you try out thirteen minutes for free.

Pics from out west

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Saturday, August 4

Broken Bridge? Iraq stupid!

From MN great new Senator:
"We've spent $500 billion in Iraq and we have bridges falling down in this country," Klobuchar told MSNBC. "I see a connection between messed-up priorities."

Wednesday, August 1

The Misquoted Sex-Ed Study

That's the
Mathmatica one that should not really be used.

Abstinence opponents cite the narrow Mathmatica report as evidence against abstinence education. But a principal researcher of the study states results shouldn't be used to draw sweeping conclusions, in part because the study evaluated only four of 700 abstinence programs. The relatively new programs targeted young adolescents and provided no follow-up. The real "take away" from this research is targeting youth at only young ages is not enough, and as is true of any health message, abstinence must be reinforced throughout the teen years.


Studies show "comprehensive" programs do little more than promote contraceptive use, spending less than 5% of their course time promoting abstinence. A recent Health and Human Services study found that "comprehensive" programs exaggerate the effectiveness of condoms and encourage a false sense of protection.

And that is why it is time to take action to make sure that sex education teaches about the only way to 100% to deal with STIs unwed mothers etc--Abstinence.