Thursday, January 24

Animals Ethics ahead of Human Ethics

You may be able to thank those lab rats not only for your next drug but also for humane treatment. That is, if the logic is carried through.

EU ethics experts have called for a banning of cloning animals because of the heavy risks involved to the animals according to a London paper.

The ethics group wants safety and welfare conditions on any
decision to accept clone farm food. But they are so strict they could
make it too difficult to farm clones commercially. The report
was triggered after the Daily Mail revealed last January that a clone
farm calf called Dundee Paradise had been born on a Shropshire farm. Cloning breeding stock could create monster pigs and supersize cows.
But the technology means many cloned offspring die just before or soon
after birth. Some have malformed lungs, hearts and kidneys.

If the logic is not carried through it appears that it will soon be advantageous to think of ourselves as animals rather than humans since at least baby animals are protected and cared about an humans are not. Let's at least equalize the field, should we not? Otherwise the logical step would be to test dangerous procedures and drugs on humans before we tried them on animals. You know, your de-wormer for cats, will soon carry this label it seems as required by the FDA: Not tested on cats. Tested on humans and found kitty safe.

Update: Perhaps I shouldn't laugh at the idea. After a search, Europe is already doing just this with human embryonic stem cell research: developing ways to used killed humans to avoid using animals. Sick.