Friday, January 4

Huckabee and the Evangelical Vote

Michael Medved says it better than I could:

Predictably enough, most media commentators have totally misinterpreted
the nature of Mike Huckabee’s big win in the Iowa GOP caucuses.
Conventional wisdom says that he swept to victory based on overwhelming
support from Evangelicals, but conventional wisdom is flat-out wrong.
According to the exit polls used by major news networks, a majority of
voters who described themselves as “evangelical” or “born again”
Christians actually voted against Huckabee –with 54% splitting
their support among Romney, McCain, Thompson and Ron Paul. Yes,
Huckabee’s 46% of Evangelicals was a strong showing, but it was
directly comparable to his commanding 40% of women, or 40% of all
voters under the age of 30, or 41% of those earning less than $30,000 a
year. His powerful appeal to females, the young and the poor make him a
different kind of Republican, who connects with voting blocs the GOP
needs to win back. He’s hardly the one-dimensional religious candidate
of media caricature.

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