Monday, January 28

Live Blogging State of the Union

"Families have to balance their budgets so does the government."

Nice talk about earmarks...I hope he follows thru on the cuts.

"Expand consumer choice not government control." Obama was caught thinking about that one. priceless.

On education: NCLB. yawn. eye rolls. And Kennedy didn't clap. The bill he helped write. Wow.

more funding for public schools: more money down the drain.

Free-trade: too bad that Ecuador wasn't on the list.

Nuclear power: go boy!

Clean Power: whatever. At least he hasn't tried to say we need to start saving the polar bears from global warming. The plants might not like less CO2 tho. Poor things. Not that great for my sweet corn crop.

Adult Stem-Cell Research: Come on Democrats! Are you crazy! Not supporting funding just because you want to kill young human life.

Judicial Appointments: "Fair up or down vote" Why not fair?

Immigration: "Laws and our highest ideals" Sure need some leadership on this. Need some people to really step up on this one in that building.

Terrorism: Cheney pops up out of his chair so fast....could it have been a point he was making? You can tell how that issue really weighs upon the man. For all the hate, this nation owes that man much more than we will ever know.

Iraq: "Serving with courage and distinction" Pelosi couldn't even look up while Bush was saying that. Sad. Makes you wonder if she deep down wishes she had that same sort of courage.

"De-baathification" wouldn't you call that mud puddle?

"Vital interests in the Persian Gulf" I wonder if he was thinking about oil. "Why not?" I say.