Thursday, March 13

Abortion: Next Step Toward a Loving Humanity

A Minnesota
pro-life group is supporting a new bill to ban saline abortions in what could
become the next targeted method of abortion now that partial-birth abortions
have been banned nationwide. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says the
abortion procedure kills unborn children but is also dangerous for women.

Lawmakers introduced House and Senate versions of the bill,
S.F. 3575 and H.F. 3947, this week.

“Saline abortions are one of the most brutal and inhumane
medical procedures performed today,” MCCL legislative associate Jordan Bauer

Let the protection of life proceed.

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GrannyGrump said...

It was also in Wisconsin that the fatal saline abortion was performed on Linda Boom in 1995.

What staggers me is the idea that anybody's still doing saline abortions at all! Even countries like Japan, which are very much enamored of abortion, dropped saline abortions like a hot potato due to unacceptable levels of maternal mortality.

Why in the world would anybody use such a dangerous, hideous, antiquated abortion method? Even if you have a callous, hearltess attitude toward the baby, even a shred of compassion for the mother would steer you away from such a horriffic practice.