Thursday, June 19

New Punctuation: The ~ invention for sarcasm

You know what it feels like when you wish to express something and there just isn't a word that will fit the need. Like trying to use a pliers on a screw you have the wrong tool for the job. Punctuation also has a similar problem. We have punctuation to express a question and an exclamation, but often are confused when sarcasm is intended. Numbers can't count the number of times people have been offended or needed an explanation when sarcasm was intended and instead taken seriously. Some try and do thinks like "::sarcasm on::" and then "::sarcasm off::almost as if they are embedding their feelings in their writing. It's as clumsy as it looks.

Here are a few punctuations that could be used for sarcasm: "~" or "::" As in, Obama, the best thing since sliced bread!~ Tacky? To begin with yes, but incredible longterm benefits in keystrokes and understanding I would think.