Friday, June 20

The Storm that saved Ecuador

I would say it was divine.

In 1999, abortion advocates devised
a new strategy to bring abortion to nations that protect women and
unborn children. After upsetting residents of Ireland, Poland and
Portugal, the Dutch-based abortion boat recently arrived in the South
American nation of Ecuador, where abortions are illegal.

pro-abortion group Women on Waves is behind the abortion boat and
the group said it received an invitation from local abortion advocates
to head across the Atlantic.

organization recently traded in its converted tugboat, or trawler,
for a high-end sailing vessel, but the group may be regretting its

its way to Ecuador, the Women on Waves ship, Harmony, ran aground
in a tropical storm.

incident occurred two week ago and WOW said it is "almost sure
it will not be able to arrive in Ecuador for the planned campaign."

group tried to put a good face on the predicament in a press release
and said its officials would spend their time in Ecuador promoting
the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug.