Thursday, July 3

Blog Overhaul

As anyone who comes here would realize, I am overhauling my blog not only in the way it looks but also as to its purpose and emphasis.

I appreciate your patience as I work on many things.

First, I am planning on three columns.

Second, I am refining the direction of my blog. The far right column will be devoted to outside content. That is, content pulled automatically from outside sources devoted to following Wisconsin news and opinion with a specific emphasis on politics. The second column will be devoted less to Wisconsin news specifically, but be more general in scope but with more of a news, opinion, Wisconsin, political bend. The third column will be devoted to my personal blog. It will be about anything related to me and what is happening in my life, as well as normal items such "Around the Web" personal pictures etc.

Of course I appreciate your comments as I work toward this new design and purpose and hope that Wild Wisconsin can become your one-stop source for Wisconsin news and opinion and not simply my own little personal soap-box.

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Capt. Karl said...

Try for a political and multiple interest sight. It is very interesting, to say the least, and very informative.