Wednesday, August 27

Live Blogging the DNC

Biden video:

Abuse of power like slapping a kid.

Well once in a while the kid that touches the vase does need their hand slapped. What next? A law against letting parents discipline their kids?

Biden Speech:

9:30 They have to pop out of their seats so much...must give them exercise.

9:32 Jab at Cheney. Tasteless.

9:37 Work, religion....all standard stuff.

9:42 Campaigning with Obama...was that while he was campaigning for Prez. or when he was looking at the VP slot?

9:44 X million Americans will not be given tax cut...yeah...Obama also leaves out lots of Americans.

10:05 Commentary: Tonight was the night of Hubert Humphrey couldn't agree more. Pray Dems will die in the same way.

Done. Convention is so lame. No drama. Nothing new. It's as bad as high school Model UN where nobody knows anything, yet they are required to get up and speak nutrasweet fake sweetness and wonder, matched only by the insincerity and boredom of the listeners.

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