Monday, August 18

Obama: When young life is in question kick it.

I'm still trying to get my mind around two incredible developments on Obama's position on the right to life of young babies. On one hand he says: "It is above my pay grade to decide [when life begins.]" On the other side, he votes for letting babies die on the table if they were intended for abortion.

It finally dawned on me that his position was not unique and that others have faced this difficult question. Before the advance of the medical science we know today, it would have been difficult to know when life began. So Obama's back in the Dark Ages when it comes to life. He should really take high school biology again. Even though it insults your intelligence, stay with me on his level for just a bit. Here is where we are at:

1. Obama is ignorant of when the our Constitutional right to life begins. States absolutely no time even when it for SURE is a life. Today he allows the killing of babies 10 minutes old. Tomorrow one year-olds? We need to in the least find out when we are safe and finally get our Constitutional rights. A few days?

2. If in doubt about life, kick it to Planned Parenthood, and we all know how they will deal with it. When Ronald Reagan was asked about his position on life, he brought up level of perfect uncertainty of when life began (he was talking about EARLY fetal life just to be clear). His response however was "Well, if you come across a paper bag in the
gutter and it seems something's in it and you don't know if it's alive,
you don't kick it, do you?" Not unless your names is Obama. When it comes to the youngest of lives, the most vulernable, his position seems to be: deprive of right to life; ask questions later.