Thursday, September 11

More repeats of Obama's Talking Points

Howard Kurtz repeats the falsehoods:

"This 'sex ed' ad the McCain campaign just launched is waaaay over the line. After a parade of out-of-context quotes, it shows Obama smirking naughtily as the voiceover talks about him wanting to provide 'comprehensive' sex education to kindergarteners. The voiceover by itself is hard-hitting, but together with the visuals, the ad basically paints Obama as a pedophile. (In reality, the legislation provides for educating younger children about the difference between good touches and bad touches to help protect them against pedophiles.)

Isn't it a real issue to talk about if schools should be teaching very young children about "good touch bad touch." Oh yeah, and some birds and the bees and that some touch is fun. Parents have a right to be mad about this sort of things being taught to their kids.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

I'm just sick of Obama! if I have to listen ot him for rfour years, well...I don't know what!