Thursday, September 4

Palin and Women

Exactly! And even written by a liberal...

But according to the official feminist sisterhood (which was taken over by the totalitarian Marxist tendency long ago) you can represent the views of Women only if you accept the tenets of their ideology. Ergo, Mrs Palin is not a Woman Candidate.

The rest is also well worth reading. To understand the reaction of Americans to Palin is to understand the difference between Madison and Menomonie, Middle America and the coastal elite.

She is a renegade, the gender equivalent of an Uncle
Tom. In the US, her position is particularly incendiary because it is
part of the culture war between metropolitan liberals and provincial
America: that vast fly-over country where people (or "folks", as they
call themselves) still live by the standards the Palin family embodies.
Life is about hard work and hard play.

They hunt
with guns from childhood. They talk about sin (and redemption) in ways
that embarrass the urban elite, and they regard patriotism as a
fundamental part of their moral code. (It is the liberals' ambivalence
about patriotism that they detest most.)

Margaret Thatcher before her, Mrs Palin is coming in for both barrels
of Left-wing contempt: misogyny and snobbery. Where Lady Thatcher was
dismissed as a "grocer's daughter" by people who called themselves
egalitarian, Mrs Palin is regarded as a small-town nobody by those who
claim to represent "ordinary people".

the metropolitan sophisticates failed to understand in the 1980s when
Thatcher won election after election is even more the case in the US:
most (and I do mean most) ordinary people actually believe in the basic
decencies, the "small-town values", of family, marital fidelity, and
personal responsibility. They believe in and honour them - even if they
do not manage to uphold them.

Middle America - of
which Alaska is spiritually, if not geographically, a part - builds its
life around those ideals and regards commonplace moral lapses as part
of the eternal struggle to be good.

The life of
small-town USA is based on the principles of those Protestant colonial
settlers who founded the nation: hard work, self-improvement, personal
faith and family devotion. Mrs Palin speaks to and for them in a way
that patronising "liberal" elitists find infuriating.