Tuesday, September 9

Response From MSM and McCain Ad

I got two responses back already on the false Kansas City piece. One from their editor just said "OK."

Margaret replied with the following:
"Mr. Pillman,
Thanks for your note. If you are aware of any public schools in Illinois teaching kindergartners comprehensive sex ed as a result of this legislation, I will stand corrected."

And I replied:

First of all, thank you for not only responding to my question but by responding promptly.

But second you are shifting the point of the argument: McCain said the legislation supported comprehensive sex ed. You said the legislation did not. I still want to see how Illinois Senate bill 99 (the one in the McCain ad) never supported comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners. Neither your article nor my comments about it ever discussed if Illinois schools actually taught sex ed to kindergarteners because of Senate Bill 99.

Third, although it is shifting the point of my question, please take a look at this information for the PTA of Fair View South School in Skokie IL. Link: http://www.fairview.k12.il.us/SchOff/PTA%20HandbookCalendar20062007.pdf

Fairview has developed a comprehensive health education curriculum for all students beginning in kindergarten and continuing through eighth grade. Some mandated areas of instruction that receive special attention are:
Fairview offers instructional programs in family life and sex education as a means for the District's students to acquire knowledge about human sexuality and to help them make responsible decisions about their lives.”

I believe this proves the point you are wanting. So not only did Obama support comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners, but by this Illinois PTA handbook we know it is happening.

I think this information would make for a great follow up piece on exactly what Obama supported and where things stand today.

Kansascity.com: If you want me to write one, I would be happy to.

Awaiting your reply,
Lucas Pillman

You know, this all made me think: We all can make mistakes once in awhile. This might have been an honest mistake of not really digging into the facts. When that happens though, the person responsible should try and make it right by coming clean on what the facts are. Voters deserve it.


IS LED BY NONE said...

Illinois Senate Bill 99 is to protect children against pedophiles. Please do the whole world a favor and have a clue.

Lucas said...

First, debate the point: Did the law support comprehensive sex ed? If you are going to call McCain for lying at least be able to prove it.

Second, the law does not even mention pedophiles. It does mention comprehensive sex six times.

And if you read the PTA doc. it talks about teaching kindergartners about abstinence. Now I'm all in favor about teaching about abstinence but not to kindergartners. In order to understand what abstinence is, you would have to tell them enough about the birds and the bees to be explicit.

The more I read about this, the more McCain is right.

Link, and show me otherwise.