Thursday, October 23

In Talk with a Global Warming Nerd

So, I had this pleasant conversation with a global warming nerd this evening. It was productive as far as we could really talk about the issue, but it left me seriously troubled. Global warming nerds identify their problem (emissions), and take a pot shot at the problem (cap and trade, conservation) and avoid the costs and feebleness of their attempts. I asked since emissions free electricity is only about 2-4% of our energy how do they intend to increase that to say 50%? They rejected nuclear. When I pointed out that to replace nuclear power we would need a wind farm the size of West Virginia their only answer was that we need to start somewhere. An argument at one level, but taking the big leap of faith to accept global warming we need to then determine if and what it actually costs us. Finally we must determine if that cost is more than building wind farms across huge swaths of America at an expense greatly more than nuclear or fossil fuel use.

I haven't seen it yet.