Saturday, November 22

10 Just Government Economic Principles

In the wake of the abandonment of basic conservative economic principles, I am working on establishing 10 just government economic principles that all conservatives can hold to and point to when deciding economic policies. As you can see they are still a work in progress and I hope to get your comments and suggestions.
  1. Government has the power and right to tax its citizens.
  2. Taxes must not be punitive; fines may be used as punishment.
  3. Tariffs and trade barriers should only be used as a diplomatic and national security solution with the knowledge that all trade barriers hurt both countries involved.
  4. All government ownership of property must be related to the securing inalienable including and never economic organization.
  5. Government can pay to use the services of individuals and business related to securing inalienable rights, but never make direct payments to individuals or companies to redistribute property.
  6. Government sets and enforces standards such as measurements money, etc.
  7. Government enforces contracts made between two individuals.
  8. Property includes intellectual property and the rights to inventions. Government can issue patents for limited time to protect these rights and promote innovation.
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