Saturday, November 15

Free Hunting: Feral Pigs

I told my brothers to keep this in mind. I hate how expensive hunting can be. Maybe this is what I could take up.

Feral pigs are considered unprotected wild animals and may be hunted year-round, according to DNR officials.

The only day they cannot be hunted with a gun is the Friday before the nine-day gun deer hunting season. Also, hunting hours are the same as deer during the nine-day season. During the rest of the year, there are no hunting hour restrictions.

There is no bag limit on feral pigs. Landowners may shoot feral pigs on their own property without a hunting license. Anyone else can shoot a feral pig as long as they possess a valid small game license, sport license, or patron license and have landowner permission if they are on private land.


Peter Pillman said...

I wish, bro, it would be nice, if I only knew where to find a feral pig!

Anonymous said...

Te WIS. DNR SUCKS! there no other to hunt except deer and thats just 9 short days - I wish in Wisconsin that all of there co. would become INFESTED with feral hogs the DNR should be happy about that!.