Saturday, November 8

New Republican Leadership Needed

I am a believer in graceful exits. The present Republican leadership in the Congress and Senate as well as McCain as a former Presidential candidate did a fine job on many things. On the moral issues they stood firm, and have the respect of the American people on those issues.

However, we still drastically lack good strong conservative leadership on the national stage. My biggest problem with the present leadership is the lack of a conservative economic plan. Big business must be allowed to fail. No more $700 billion bailouts and the multiplying problems. (There is nothing sacrosanct about a company like GM. If they can't make it, they should be allowed to go bankrupt so that new (maybe electric?) car companies can turn a profit.) Even more so, where is the plan for social security, education, and a host of other issues. I don't need a new program, but I need a conservative response to the liberal mudslinging.

So Boehner and McConnell must go.

Paul Ryan would have been a great choice but I respect his desire to stay home with his family.

We need leadership that believes in small government and limited spending and can stand up to the corporate welfare lobby.