Monday, January 28

Live Blogging State of the Union

"Families have to balance their budgets so does the government."

Nice talk about earmarks...I hope he follows thru on the cuts.

"Expand consumer choice not government control." Obama was caught thinking about that one. priceless.

On education: NCLB. yawn. eye rolls. And Kennedy didn't clap. The bill he helped write. Wow.

more funding for public schools: more money down the drain.

Free-trade: too bad that Ecuador wasn't on the list.

Nuclear power: go boy!

Clean Power: whatever. At least he hasn't tried to say we need to start saving the polar bears from global warming. The plants might not like less CO2 tho. Poor things. Not that great for my sweet corn crop.

Adult Stem-Cell Research: Come on Democrats! Are you crazy! Not supporting funding just because you want to kill young human life.

Judicial Appointments: "Fair up or down vote" Why not fair?

Immigration: "Laws and our highest ideals" Sure need some leadership on this. Need some people to really step up on this one in that building.

Terrorism: Cheney pops up out of his chair so fast....could it have been a point he was making? You can tell how that issue really weighs upon the man. For all the hate, this nation owes that man much more than we will ever know.

Iraq: "Serving with courage and distinction" Pelosi couldn't even look up while Bush was saying that. Sad. Makes you wonder if she deep down wishes she had that same sort of courage.

"De-baathification" wouldn't you call that mud puddle?

"Vital interests in the Persian Gulf" I wonder if he was thinking about oil. "Why not?" I say.

Thursday, January 24

Inspiration to the Young

The 26-year-old speech writer for Barack Obama:

Mr. Favreau, or Favs, as everyone calls him, looks every bit his age,
with a baby face and closely shorn stubble. And he leads a team of two
other young speechwriters: 26-year-old Adam Frankel, who worked with John F. Kennedy’s adviser and speechwriter Theodore C. Sorensen
on his memoirs, and Ben Rhodes, who, at 30, calls himself the “elder
statesman” of the group and who helped write the Iraq Study Group
report as an assistant to Lee H. Hamilton.

I have to say that I was impressed by his Iowa speech for its rhetorical height.

Animals Ethics ahead of Human Ethics

You may be able to thank those lab rats not only for your next drug but also for humane treatment. That is, if the logic is carried through.

EU ethics experts have called for a banning of cloning animals because of the heavy risks involved to the animals according to a London paper.

The ethics group wants safety and welfare conditions on any
decision to accept clone farm food. But they are so strict they could
make it too difficult to farm clones commercially. The report
was triggered after the Daily Mail revealed last January that a clone
farm calf called Dundee Paradise had been born on a Shropshire farm. Cloning breeding stock could create monster pigs and supersize cows.
But the technology means many cloned offspring die just before or soon
after birth. Some have malformed lungs, hearts and kidneys.

If the logic is not carried through it appears that it will soon be advantageous to think of ourselves as animals rather than humans since at least baby animals are protected and cared about an humans are not. Let's at least equalize the field, should we not? Otherwise the logical step would be to test dangerous procedures and drugs on humans before we tried them on animals. You know, your de-wormer for cats, will soon carry this label it seems as required by the FDA: Not tested on cats. Tested on humans and found kitty safe.

Update: Perhaps I shouldn't laugh at the idea. After a search, Europe is already doing just this with human embryonic stem cell research: developing ways to used killed humans to avoid using animals. Sick.

Tuesday, January 8

The NH results blow by blow

For all who must know..right away:

NH results precinct by precinct.

Friday, January 4

Mike Huckabee Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

Huckabee and the Evangelical Vote

Michael Medved says it better than I could:

Predictably enough, most media commentators have totally misinterpreted
the nature of Mike Huckabee’s big win in the Iowa GOP caucuses.
Conventional wisdom says that he swept to victory based on overwhelming
support from Evangelicals, but conventional wisdom is flat-out wrong.
According to the exit polls used by major news networks, a majority of
voters who described themselves as “evangelical” or “born again”
Christians actually voted against Huckabee –with 54% splitting
their support among Romney, McCain, Thompson and Ron Paul. Yes,
Huckabee’s 46% of Evangelicals was a strong showing, but it was
directly comparable to his commanding 40% of women, or 40% of all
voters under the age of 30, or 41% of those earning less than $30,000 a
year. His powerful appeal to females, the young and the poor make him a
different kind of Republican, who connects with voting blocs the GOP
needs to win back. He’s hardly the one-dimensional religious candidate
of media caricature.

The Adventures of Huckabee's Win and Other Stories

So the numbers are in and Huckabee wins big. As did Obama.

Iowa Republican Votes (95% in) /
Democratic Delegate Totals (100% in)

Mike Huckabee 39,814 34%
Barack Obama 940 38%
Mitt Romney 29,405 25%
John Edwards 744 30%
Fred Thompson 15,521 13%
Hillary Clinton 737 29%
John McCain 15,248 13%
Bill Richardson 53 2%
Ron Paul 11,598 10%
Joe Biden 23 1%
Rudy Giuliani 4,013 4%
Chris Dodd 1 0%
Duncan Hunter 515 1%
Dennis Kucinich 0 0%
Alan Keyes 0 na%
Mike Gravel 0 0%

So who else won (or lost)?


Hillary Clinton: By coming in only third in Iowa after spending massive time and effort in the state she is the biggest loser on the Democratic side. Watch for a universal unload of Clinton stock.

Mitt Romney: $7 million is a load of cash. To spend that, and after being ahead for most of the year in Iowa he loses big in Iowa to an upstart. Iowans branded hard the perception that he is the establishment pick without middle America appeal or sincerity.

Rudy Giuliani: Although he never even campaigned here, his 4% showing still hurts his front running status nationally. After all, Iowa as a swing state that went to Bush in 2004 and since the people who go to the caucus are those will be your campaigners in the state, its pretty hard to have only 4% support and believe you can swing the mid-west in a general election.

Fred Thompson: He needed to steal the show. Huckabee has pulled the value voter out from under him.

All others below 4%. See them drop out soon. Now or shortly after NH.

Other Winners

John Edwards: He needed a gold to launch him into serious viable candidate. Again, knocking down Hillary to third boosts him into the winning side. He must win North Carolina to move forward though.

John McCain: He didn't need to win as he has staked it all on New
Hampshire. Romney's defeat however, was as important to him as his own
success. Look for a vulnerable Romney going into NH.

Ron Paul: He wins (for the short term) enough to pull in more internet dough. Proves that the Dean affect still lives: internet buzz does not directly correspond to voter support. Look for Ron Paul to continue to provide intellectual, internet, and libertarian interest for many months to come without any real chance at the Whitehouse. The real question: will Fox News and others let him debate if he beat Giuliani?