Sunday, July 27


I thought it would be good again to remind readers that all things found on this blog are my opinion only and should be read as such. They in no way represent my employer, any other person, or an organization.

Monday, July 21

McCain and Obama first joint a church

The more focus on Obama and Christianity can't be a bad long as people are willing to step up to the truth on the matter.

Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama, respective presumed Republican and Democratic presidential nominees, will end the primary season by making their first joint appearance of the 2008 campaign at Saddleback Church on Saturday, Aug. 16 at the Saddleback Civil Forum on Leadership and Compassion. Dr. Rick Warren, founding pastor of the 22,000-member Orange County, Calif. mega church and moderator for the event, made the announcement today upon confirmation by both campaigns.

Wednesday, July 16

The Deformer and Chief

You know our Sen. Russ Feingold. The one who claims to keep dirty money out of politics. Well...he has his own organization that funnels money to train individuals to be part of campaigns. So we just trade his money for people loaned to campaigns. Do you think that will help out the corrupting influence?

Saturday, July 12

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Friday, July 11

"News From You" Policy

Along the side you will see a new feature allowing users to post any relevant news in the box. If you see some important news, especially Wisconsin news, please submit a simple headline with a link to the source. Please do not use this area for comments, ads, or commercial website promotion. Links to a personal blog are welcome. As has always been the policy, no profanity and as administrator I reserve the right to delete any news link without any given reason.

Saturday, July 5

If Firework Ignorance is Bliss... might not want to read the actual statute.

On a side note, at least it leaves much of the control to the local area.

Thursday, July 3

Blog Overhaul

As anyone who comes here would realize, I am overhauling my blog not only in the way it looks but also as to its purpose and emphasis.

I appreciate your patience as I work on many things.

First, I am planning on three columns.

Second, I am refining the direction of my blog. The far right column will be devoted to outside content. That is, content pulled automatically from outside sources devoted to following Wisconsin news and opinion with a specific emphasis on politics. The second column will be devoted less to Wisconsin news specifically, but be more general in scope but with more of a news, opinion, Wisconsin, political bend. The third column will be devoted to my personal blog. It will be about anything related to me and what is happening in my life, as well as normal items such "Around the Web" personal pictures etc.

Of course I appreciate your comments as I work toward this new design and purpose and hope that Wild Wisconsin can become your one-stop source for Wisconsin news and opinion and not simply my own little personal soap-box.

Around the Web: Foxit for PDFs

Admit it. You hate Adobe Acrobat. Sure it opens the PDFs but for the simple process of reading a document it takes an eternity to open and hogs RAM like IE.

Foxit is your ticket to freedom from the curse. Not only is foxit fast and fully functional as a PDF reader, but it supports tabbed document reading and commenting unlike Adobe's product. It also doesn't connect to the internet without asking...unlike the product you will now dump. Dump it, for Foxit.

And did I mention it was free?

Tuesday, July 1

1970s and 1980s oil shortage here we come again

Congress just voted 402 to 19 (yes those were all Republicans who voted against it) to regulate the futures trading on oil somehow thinking that anticipating a price hike will contribute to a shortage of supply.

This article from the Washington Post says is well:

So it's time for a quick refresher: Richard Nixon's price controls in the early 1970s were a disaster. Administering the controls on energy alone took an estimated 5 million man-hours per year and punished motorists with gas lines. Repeating this experiment by clamping down on oil trading is like burning your hand on a gas stove and then sitting on a barbecue....

Most fundamentally, Nixon's heirs forget that the "speculators" they attack are often trying to reduce risk, not embrace it. Pension funds have piled into oil because they are trying to protect themselves from inflation. Small investors who load up on retail oil funds are mostly doing the same. I know my family will consume several thousand dollars' worth of oil this year, so I logged on to Fidelity's website and locked in my price. Does Congress think I'm irresponsible?

What completes the ironic circle of the economic lunacy is that one of the primary reasons why the Democrats won't open up off-shore drilling is that it won't come into production for up to ten years.

Conclusion? Democrats believe that speculators could put prices up but don't believe that opening up markets in the future could bring those prices down. Even more deadly is the myth that regulating speculation will keep prices down and not just create a shortage.