Friday, December 12

Kansas Democrats Switches to Republican After attempted "Politcal Assassination"

Abortion on demand governor Kathleen Salebius and the Senate Minority Leader supported a challenger in the primary against Sen. Mark Gilstrap.

am leaving the Democratic Party of Kansas today, a party that I have
served my entire life, because the Democratic Party no longer tolerates
dissenting points of view,"
Gilstrap said in a statement to "For doing so, Sebelius and her allies targeted me
for political assassination."

What a tolerant party.

Thursday, December 11

Interview with Author of God on the Quad

The questions were posed by NPR so you can imagine their slant. For example: "Q: Is there much diversity of opinions in these schools?"
That gave me a laugh for the evening. No diversity at PHC? People had so many different ideas and desire to express them debates started around just about anything. We almost started to avoid "hot topics" just so that we could function.

To her credit, Naomi Scheafer visited the campuses with an open mind and was willing to test the product rather than develop a caricature.

Her answer in part to the question:
...anyone who has ever conducted an argument with someone who has a completely different set of assumptions will be able to recognize it. When there is no common ground in a conversation to begin with, the conversation tends to go nowhere. At Ave Maria, for instance, most of the students agree with the idea that a fetus is a human life, but many disagree about how the law should address abortion. As more than one student pointed out, it would be impossible for them to ever get beyond the former idea with many of their classmates at secular schools. The conversation at Ave Maria is more productive for them because it can move beyond first principles.

Tuesday, December 9

Social Conservatives Involving Faith In Politics

Great point many secularists forget.

The simple fact is that politics concerns itself with the realm of
value as well as the realm of fact. There are both religious and
philosophical approaches to questions of value. Is there any compelling
reason to commit epistemological segregation, Ms. Parker? Must the
religious contestants sit at the back of the bus to satisfy you?

Find the Biggest Hypocrite

Car manufactures flying in private jets to D.C. for a bailout, or Gore flying in a private jet to talk to Obama about global warming?

More On Bad Fannie and Freddie Loans

When the market is politics rather than failure or success of both lender and borrower:

Andrukonis and others expressed concern about another type of mortgage Freddie was buying, where neither income nor assets were stated on the loan application. Andrukonis said these were popular with Hispanic borrowers, but the delinquency rates of 8 to 13 percent were much higher than on conventional loans. People familiar with the matter said Freddie was being pushed by advocacy groups to come up with new loan products to offer to low-income and minority borrowers.

Andrukonis acknowledged that getting out of this business could cost $50 million annually and draw criticism. "On the other hand, what better way to highlight our sense of mission than to walk away from profitable business because it hurts the borrowers we are trying to serve," he wrote.

Monday, December 8

US Must Support Pakistan

Pakistan is in a balancing act right now with internal radical Islamics getting hot around the collar over the increased action against terrorists within the country, both in the northern area near the boarder with Afghanistan and the south eastern boarder with India near Kashmir.

No peace loving country would absolve Pakistan from its responsibility to root out and bring to justice terrorists and sponsors of terrorists within the country, but the interests of the present government also are to root out these threats to national and international peace. Pakistan has already lost over 1,000 men battling insurgents in the north in the face of growing local pressure. We must accept and encourage this nuclear armed state to continue and that a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan comes only through the democratic rule of natural law and a resistance to any theocratic Islamic rule.

We can't allow Pakistan to be ruled by a Taliban.

Friday, December 5

How to Talk to Girls