Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

May you all have a very blessed Christmas! Here is another movie production with the fam:

Tuesday, December 15

Kind Votes for Tax Hikes and calls it a Tax Cut

James Wigderson at MacIver catches the duplicity:

When is a tax cut not a tax cut? How about when it is actually a tax increase?

The House of Representatives recently passed the Tax Extenders Act of 2009. The act extends over 30 tax breaks to individuals and businesses, $31 billion of tax relief a year

Congressman Ron Kind said of this bill, "This bill will provide much‐needed relief to families and businesses who are struggling in the current economic downturn and in a way that is fiscally responsible."


As a result, while Kagen and Kind are claiming that they just voted for tax cuts, the reality is that they voted for a net increase in taxes. They have used not increasing a host of taxes as an excuse to raise other taxes.

The Tax Extenders Act of 2009 increases taxes on private-equity firms that sell shares to the public to more than 30% instead of the usual15% rate. It also taxes carried interest that investment managers receive at the ordinary income rate of 35% instead of the lower capital gains rate of 15% they currently pay.

Monday, December 14

Democratic Health Care Bill Drags Down Senators

As the Senate continues to debate the deformed health care bill it is interesting to see what this debate has done to the popularity of our own Wisconsin senators. While not the exclusive issue being dealt with on a national level, it is fair to assume that the health care debate has dominated especially in the public eye this fall until now. Take a look at how Feingold and Kohl have done:

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