Thursday, January 15

Updates from down South

Greetings from the south side of the equator! And yes, a lot warmer place than wild Wisconsin. My brother and I arrived in Ecuador on the 6th of January and traveled by bus down from the capital city of Quito down through the mountains for 11 hours to arrive at the city of Cuenca. We are living with my other brother who is living down here for nine months or so and a single friend.

This last week we have helped out with the grade school which has a spiritual emphasis week. I have helped my brother with teaching the grade school kids some songs and bible verses. I am also working in the grade school with some of the English classes teaching them some English songs and doing some bible memory work.

There are so many dear friends down here. They are such a blessing to see how they live there lives and how they are seeking to spread the love of God in this city. It is for selfish reasons almost that I come down here. I am always so encouraged and blessed during the visits.

This last weekend we had guinea pig (a specialty here in Ecuador) and this coming weekend we are going to the mountains to catch some wild bulls. Below is a picture of me with a guinea pig. My brother also has a bunch more pictures that you can see at his blog here.