Monday, February 23

The Devil in the Procedural Votes

Next time you talk to your aye stimulus voting member of Congress ask them about these two procedural votes on the stimulus:

1. The 48-hour viewing provision.
Originally voted on Tuesday before the final vote, this unanimous decision required that at least 48 hours be given to the members to consider the 1000 plus page bill before voting on it. Fair enough? Just days after including the provision, the Democrats stripped it.

2. Pay-go rule.
To their credit many Blue Dog Democrats have staunchly endorsed a rule called pay-go that simply says that if you propose new revenue change (tax cut spending etc.) you have to propose a corresponding revenue change (increased taxes, reduced spending). This was stripped from the stimulus too.

See why this was such a good chance to get your special little goodies included?   

More background from the Hill.