Thursday, February 19

Fernandez Wins to Advance to General

It is great to see Fernandez advance. Although with WEAC there to dump money on their crowned mouth-piece she will continue to have to fight to have her message heard.

The final totals were:
Fernandez 31%
Evers        35%

Interesting article in the Journal Sentinel about how she won big in Democratic Milwaukee. Teacher's unions also lost school board elections there too.

It was a bad night for the teachers union.

only did the candidates endorsed by the Milwaukee Teachers' Education
Association in two contested primaries not advance out of the primary,
but voters in the city - historically a Democratic Party bastion -
favored Rose Fernandez over Tony Evers, the union-backed candidate, in
the statewide primary for superintendent of public instruction.

the final results were tallied, Felicia Owen, the union-endorsed
candidate in the Milwaukee School Board race on the southwest side,
came in third. Donna Peck came in second, while making concerns about
special education issues the heart of her campaign. In returns
available at deadline for Wednesday's editions of the Journal Sentinel,
Owen was ahead of Peck.

Could the voice of teachers, students and taxpayers be gaining ground over big union money? Maybe. The final vote between Evers and Fernandez could really make a statement.