Monday, February 2

Final Report from Ecuador

Dear Friends and Family,

I know that many of you were praying for me and interested in my visit to Ecuador. It was truly a wonderful time. Of course when people ask me how I like Ecuador, I often reply that it is difficult for me to dislike the country since it is the country of my birth. However, I assure prejudice or not, that it was no hardship to visit. I went down with Matthew (my youngest brother) and Justo (oldest brother who is already down there) for about three weeks.

During the week I helped out with the English and Bible classes in the grade school classes at the Christian school Bilingue. I helped Justo and others during spiritual emphasis week, to teach the kids songs and bible verses and even served as a volunteer to have eggs cracked over my head as a object lesson on how we have all broken the ten commandments. (Yes, my brother sometimes liked to refer to his volunteers as his victims). In English classes I helped with songs, regular classes, and bible memorization in English.

Just as encouraging were the many special friends I was able to spend some very special times. There was bull lassoing in the mountains, guinea pig roasts, and deep sea fishing on the coast but it was the work that the Lord as doing in so many lives that was even more fulfilling and exciting. I could rejoice with reunited families, new life in Christ, and the joy of serving the Lord together. In even the short time that I was there I could see distinct and lasting change in more than one life. It tempted me to tear up my ticket and stay.

Sometimes I wished my Spanish was better. I could always be understood, but I still had a tendency to make mistakes—which often caused far too frequent moments of hilarity. For example the time when I confused the word for rope and mother-in-law and proceeded to describe how I had tied my mother-in-law around my foot. Poor mother-in-law I know, even more as I don't even know who she will be!

It was plainly evident that the Lord is blessing the church there in Cuenca as they strive so hard to serve Him. What a blessing to see bible studies happening many days of the week, to see lay leadership learning to preach, and a maturing desire to launch their own missionary outreach.

For me it was a first-hand demonstration of the shifting center of gravity of the Christian church and the important part that these young churches have in God's plan for the world. For example, it is easy to say now that Ecuador has a higher percentage of believers than France and probably even England. Can Ecuador catch the vision of missions to the world? Will we catch the vision of missions to the world?

Thanks for your interest in my life and I pray that the Lord continues to bless each one of you above all that you ask or think.

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Lucas Pillman

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Justo Pillman said...

Thanks for coming down Lucas! It was such a special time. It all went by far too fast.