Wednesday, February 4

Judge Abrahamson and Planned Barrenhood

Normally an incumbent feels safe if they talk about great public service and avoid contact with more of the partisan groups—especially in a nonpartisan race for Judge. Not Shirley Abrahamson. Even before the end of this year, she had bought part or all of Planned Barrenhood's email list for the state of Wisconsin and used it to email out a fundraising appeal. How do I know? I am signed up for Planned Barrenhood's emails with a unique name and lo and behold that name came with a Abrahamson fundraiser!

Here is a section:

"I know I don't have to tell you how important it is to keep Shirley on the bench.  She works hard for us every day, bringing a voice of integrity, strength, and experience to the Court.  We are so proud to have someone like Shirley who judges cases on the basis of the facts and doesn't bring a personal agenda to the bench.  She's a recognized national leader--being named one of the nation's top 100 judges--and is respected by Republicans, Democrats and Independents, law enforcement, district attorneys, labor and business.  She's our judge, and we have to keep her on the court." [emphasis mine]

Do you really think that Planned Barrenhood would have sold/given their email list if Abrahamson DIDN'T "bring a personal agenda to the bench"? And then some lefty blogger finds it incredible that Judge Koschnick had some phone conversations with a few pro-life groups. Gasp.