Monday, February 9

Rep. Kind talks fiscal restraint; DOES nothing.

Purposing to do your work, never accomplished anything--except for politicians like Ron Kind. Kind has long positioned himself as a self-labeled fiscal hawk and deficit reducer. He moans about the cost of protecting the nation overseas, and about how tax cuts will hurt future generations. If you read his list of press releases you would think he was another pork slashing Sen. Coburn. But he has failed completely to question anything in the recent trillion dollar spending spree.

He also wants a new fiscal commission and bipartisan budget summit to address the budget problems. I'm that fiscal commission got big spending lobbyists quaking in their boots. He has proposed nothing specific to cut.

This month the truth is clear. Indeed, the list of Kind's recent press releases is a case study of the fiscal doublespeak that is ballooning our government deficit.


02/04/09 House Sends Expansion of Kids’ Healthcare to President Obama For Signature


01/30/09 Kind Encourages Flood Victims to Take Advantage of New Tax Benefits

01/28/09 Rep. Kind Statement on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

01/22/09 Kind Stresses Smart Investments, Budget Reform as Ways & Means Considers Economic Recovery Bill

01/21/09 U.S. Rep. Kind Supports Tough Accountability & Transparency for Additional Economic Rescue Funds

01/20/09 Rep. Kind Statement on the Inauguration of Barack Obama

01/16/09 President-Elect Obama to Convene Fiscal Responsibility Summit

01/14/09 Rep. Kind Votes to Cover More Kids

See how it works? As is obvious even from the slanted titles, you will find not one specific program cut or any bridges to nowhere eliminated expect in the broadest of "oversight and accountability" type terms. You will find new favorite programs. They could save some pixels simply alternating between "Spend" "Talk Savings" "Spend" "Talk Savings" for press release titles.

Kind might be trying. But conservatives found out with Bush when he simply tried to cut spending.

Nor is Kind lacking specific waste to cut. Today we found out there is $300 million for green gulf carts. Then there is the $726 million for after school snacks, or $1 billion for climate research. Others have already led to cut millions for Planned Parenthood and $246 million tax break for Hollywood.

Where was Kind?

Never before was Kind asked to vote for so large a spending bill. Never has he failed more to show fiscal restraint by questioning any of this spending junk food.

There still is time before the bill passes, but my bet is Kind will stick to talking when it comes to fiscal restraint.