Friday, March 13

Happy Pi Day!

Tomorrow, that is. On March 14th (3/14 or 3.14159...get it?). The traditional thing is to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi. There are also free-hand circle drawing contests to see who can draw freehand closets to a real circle. There is a site devoted to the day and extra points if you can figure out what that picture on the right represents (leave comment).

Update: The Stinnett Family wins by figuring out what the picture on the right represents (See comments). Although I did not say I would to begin with, I have awarded them a free phone card for being the first to answer the question. In the future, similar answered questions will be similarly rewarded at my discression. (Sorry, all family are exempt). Feeling like you missed out? Phone Shark has some free 6 minute cards to try.


Lucas said...

Test for comments. Sorry this seems not to have been working.

Stinnett Family said...

Wisconsin cow pie?

Matthew said...

Actually, it is not a Wisconsin cow pi because of the mountains in the background.
- -Matthew

nelsoc said...

I assumed it was a representation of the classic physics joke of approximating a cow as a circle/sphere, which I thought was pretty funny.