Friday, March 13

Letter to the Editor: Dunn County News

To Dunn County News.

To the Editor:

In the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction on April 7th you have two choices. Rose Fernandez wants to put control and responsibility first in the hands of parents, teachers and local communities; state bureaucracies should play a supportive but subservient role. Tony Evers wants it the other way around: state bureaucracies and teacher union presidents control; parents, local communities and teachers should be quite and follow.

Their background describes why: Evers has spent decades in state education bureaucracy. Fernandez has worked as a private business administrator and parental advocate to keep the DPI from shutting her charter school. I contacted both (see more information at my blog From private and homeschools to educational curriculum and standards Fernandez wants to put Menomonie, Spring Valley, and Downsville parents not the state at the helm.

Not Evers. Evers would like more taxes and control funneled through the Madison bureaucracy he knows so well to manipulate. From failure in Milwaukee (that drains all district budgets) to squashing innovations like online public schools and merit pay (that even Obama supports) he will continue the worst of Madison’s status quo. If you are a parent, teacher or believe in local accountability, don’t count on Evers representing you. You need the over $200,000 spent so far by special interest on Evers to get him to represent you.

A vote for Rose Fernadez is a vote to empower Menomonie parents and teachers: our local community. A vote for Tony Evers is a vote for more Washington/Madison mandates with little interest for our schools in Dunn County. It’s a nonpartisan choice, but there is only one good choice.

Vote Rose Fernadez April 7th.