Thursday, March 5

None of Whos Buisness

The difference of approach: liberals and conservatives to business

It is really wrong for anyone to say that a liberal or conservative is more anti-business or more in the pocket of business. The divide of small business vs. big business doesn't really explain the divide either. The best way to understand the difference between how a liberal and conservative in government relate to business is conservatives adhere to opportunity while liberals want end results equality.

Just take the recent bailouts.  The increasing trend is that conservatives have fought against the bailouts of businesses and against the stimulus package that building associations and commerce departments lobbied strongly for. The change was abrupt and noticeable. Normally it is the conservatives who are standing against "wind-fall taxes" on corporation and strangling red tape.

Conservatives are not afraid to let people succeed and fail. If I make $2 million dollars tomorrow or $30 billion over the span of my life, that does not make me evil or mean that I have taken advantage of someone to get there. I have no governmental obligation to society (personal: everyone does!) Indeed, most likely it was by honest hard work supplying a community need that I achieved this success. Success does not make me suspect or guilty of wrong; failure does not qualify me for governmental assistance. According to a conservative, the coercive power of the government can only be employed in a blind and impartial way to protect defined and eternal rights. If I make a billion dollars legally tomorrow on gas futures, even if gas goes up tomorrow I am not punished with "wind-fall taxes". Only if you could prove I stole them could you. But if I lose my home tomorrow because I bet on gas futures with it, I also don't get my mortgage paid off by the government either. And if I stole I still could be brought to justice even if I am in the dumps. I have a liberty to succeed and fail.

Liberals are more concerned that businesses have an equal result. When car manufactures are rolling in the dough and the economy is high, they are all too happy to mandate costly vehicle fleet requirements and dealership protection--they can handle it. Then they suffer threatened bankruptcy and liberals again are happy to bail them out with a billion or thirteen. Hey, they fail, we all fail. Disparity causing success is suspect if not outright wrong. The means to an end is not as important as equality in the end. Are you a small shoe company that made bad shoes and is just about going under? You are a ripe example for a liberal to prop up. Just made over $250,000 plumbing? You're in their targets. The following of the rules is less important to a liberal than that we all end up floating at the same level.

It is the difference between a level playing field and a level ending field.

It is the difference between equal rights and the right to be equal.

It is the difference between blind justice and blind compassion.