Monday, March 2

Sebelius: No Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Obama is expected to nominate Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius today for health and human services secretary. So Sebelius must be a moderate since (especially on the social issues like abortion) she hails from a moderate state? Think again. And the expected appointment to HHS makes her stand on the health care for every part of life (including the unborn) especially important.

Sebelius has earned the label of being viciously pro-abortion by her voting record and campaign and political associations/contributions within the state. She's not even in the "safe, legal, and rare" Clinton type category and her Catholic faith has only gotten her rebuke.

Voting Record: In 2003 and 2005 very similar bills were introduced to regulate abortion clinics within the state. Kansas does not inspect nor have any clinical standards for their abortion clinics. This was common sense legislation that even many Democrats should agree with in the cause to make abortions "safe" (at least for the mothers). However, Sebelius twice vetoed this bill to protect her abortionist friends in the state (see below).

In 2008 she again vetoed a bill that would have offered women an ultrasound of their preborn child and tightened restrictions on late-term abortions.

Campaign Contributions:
Probably the most infamous abortionist in the United States, George Tiller has donated more than $38,000 directly to Sebelius with a $100,000 more being directed at the Democratic Governor's Association during the middle of Sebelius' campaign (and never before or since). This is only the easily traceable funds. George Tiller has also created numerous PAC that have funneled money to Sebelius and her supporters.

Not to be outdone, Sebelius invited Tiller and over a dozen of the staff from his abortion clinic to a lavish party at the governor's mansion (see pictures here.)

Tiller is being charged with violating the state restrictions on late-term abortions and on the medicinally unsound practices found at his clinic.

It has been estimated that Tiller has done over 60,000 abortions many of them late term ones in which he shoots the babies heart with poison or pulls the baby apart limb by limb.

The question is then, does Obama want this sort of women with such close ties to one of the most violent, negligent, and vicious abortionists in the country?

Of course those who accept the scientific evidence of life beginning at conception see this sort of voting record and association with abortion akin to the worst found in the Holocaust. If this is life, this is really the only way to view this. The association and voting is clear; the actions depraved and sickening.

But even those who have yet to catch up to the scientific proof for preborn life must at some point recoil. Can't we at least agree that abortion businesses should be regulated by the state so at least they are safe for the mothers? That babies are not born in hotels, or with shoddy or nonexistent follow-up?

We are all suppose to agree on reducing abortions yet Sebelius has hindered and not help advance parental consent laws, waiting periods, and sonograms laws that help women see every side of the issue before making their decision. At the minimum can Sebelius let women make an informed choice? She will not.

Violating her Catholic Faith:
(Catholic News Agency) According to the Catholic League, Archbishop Naumann hasn’t been the only Kansas City prelate to speak out against her actions. "Sebelius’ support for abortion is so far off-the-charts that she has been publicly criticized by the last three archbishops of Kansas City," the organization remarked. "In 1992, when Sebelius was a state legislator, Archbishop Ignatius Strecker rebuked her for leading what he dubbed a ‘death-march of the unborn.’ When Sebelius became governor in 2003, Archbishop James Keleher, citing her abortion record, asked her to move her inauguration interfaith service from Topeka’s Assumption Catholic Church. She refused. The current archbishop, Joseph Naumann, called her out on the issue: he challenged her to name one instance in her long legislative career where she supported limiting abortion rights. She could not. He subsequently asked her not to go to Communion."

If our proposed HHS nominee thought it was ok to shoot poisonous drugs into 4 year old hearts, we would not consider them qualified no matter what their ideas on universal healthcare, or administrative qualifications.

Simply, that is Sebelius: unable to recognize and protect life.

The Senate must reject her confirmation.