Friday, March 27

Tony Evers Bashes Homeschoolers

According to Tony Evers warned that Rose Fernandez will pursue a "home-schooling agenda in office". What in the world would a home-schooling agenda at the DPI look like? The only concern that homeschool parents have is that their children get the best education at huge personal sacrifice.

Being homeschooled myself, I am offended by this remark. While homeschoolers are saving the state $198 million per year with better educational results, he knocks them for having an "agenda".

Tony Evers must appologize to the homeschoolers of Wisconsin.


Pasty said...

I believe that Mr. Evers and his cohorts at the Teacher's Union are afraid of the concept of education at home because it takes money away from the Union. Parents that teach at home are not mandated to pay the dues. If, however, parents opted to pay the union dues perhaps Mr. Evers and WEAC would not be so adverse to the concept of at home education.

Lucas said...

Yes, Patsy union money is the trouble here. But my question is why would parents ever want to pay union dues if they aren't being paid and doing it for their own kids?

That is the difference: kids or unions.