Tuesday, March 31

Vote April 7th!

Vote for Rose Fernandez for DPI and Randy Koschnick.

Wild Wisconsin DPI coverage:

Tony Evers Bashes Homeschoolers

DPI Letter to the editor

Personal Interview with Rose Fernandez

So Who is Funding Tony Evers?

Wild Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Coverage:

Judge Abrahamson and Planned Barrenhood

CapTimes Seeks Religious Litmus of Koschnick

Why Rose Fernandez? Well first off, when the teachers unions spend more than parents for both candidates combined you gotta wonder what Evers will be giving to them. But that is only the smell test. The real test is who they see as the primary agents of control. Rose Fernandez = Parents. Tony Evers = WEAC and Madison.  (Not to mention that his campaign promised me an interview but never could find a time or get back to me.)

Abrahamson also has a long and biased history in manipulating the constitution to fit her own agenda. Koschnick has promised that “The role of a justice is to apply the law; not make it. I pledge to not legislate from the bench."

Wild Wisconsin endorses parents in education and the law in justice.