Friday, April 10

Death Penalty for Pirates

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Two guys with a gun can capture thousand ton ships worth millions with dozens on board. Huh? One of our first national heroes and pirate hunter Steven Decatur is rolling in his grave to be sure. Piracy as we all know from the romanticized versions of Captain Hook and Black Beard has sometimes glossed over the seriousness of the crime. Pirates are lawless, not responsible to any government, and endangering lives and property. As such they must be regarded as an enemy with the death penalty for those caught in the act of threatening lives in exchange for money.

The liberal tag line about this being a failed nation with little stability, etc. is precisely the point. If a country cannot control it's own citizens than it is our responsibility to protect and punish those who attack our citizens. The quicker we deal with these pirates, the sooner stability will come to places like Somalia.

The current policy of playing helpless and paying ransom is a news bulletin to the world that ocean ships are quick easy cash. Ransoms negotiated outside of government control must be outlawed, and any captured pirate severely punished.

Our nations first budget and international policy was dominated by freedom of the seas and trade. Now is not a time to leave that heritage behind.