Friday, April 17

Doyle Approval At all-time low

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Not good for Doyle:

Gov. Jim Doyle's approval rating hit an all-time low in a survey that has tracked it since he took office in 2003.

The St. Norbert College Survey Center Poll sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio released Friday shows that only 45 percent of respondents are very or somewhat satisfied with Doyle.

That is the lowest numbers for the Democratic governor since 54 percent said they were satisfied in fall 2007.

A year ago, 59 percent said they were satisfied with Doyle.

This is probably worse than the poll says. NPR presidential polls always skewed liberal against results. I suspect real number are hovering around high 30s or 40%.

Why? The people of Wisconsin know that more taxes and fees is not the way to get us out of economic troubles. That is part of the reason Land O Lakes is moving out of Madison Wisconsin too.