Thursday, April 30

Governor Elections 2010

It may seem some ways off, but it is never too early to start holding Doyle accountable for going back on his pledge not to raise taxes, illegal golf trips, and the horrible economic climate he has created for the state.

At least two people will run: Scott Walker and Mark Nuemann.

I respect both of these guys. Couldn't one of them run for Senate instead? Of course with Doyle's numbers in the tank it is no surprise that he is attracting strong candidates to run against him.

Scott Walker is the Milwaukee Co. executive and has done an amazing job on keeping down costs and effectively running a tough county. He ran and lost in the primary against Mark Green.

Mark Nuemann is a former Congressman from Paul Ryan's 1st District. He ran against Feingold in 1998 and only lost by 2%.

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Marshall said...

We need to get rid of both Senators too. Neither has done much for the state. Unless someone better comes along I will be backing Walker.