Saturday, April 18

Homosexuality and the GOP

Megan McCain and a new organization called GOProud have floated the concept that the GOP must accept homosexuality to stay relevant. My question is, relevant to who?

Again, this is a savvy move by the homosexual agenda to get Republicans to think that supportinig marriage is the cause of their troubles, but is is also false. Once both parties accept a position, it is as good as passed.

Obama didn't win by pulling over homosexuals to vote for him. Indeed he walked a tightrope on the opinion saying he opposed homosexual marriage while silently supporting everything (like DOMA and allowing homosexuality in the military) that destroys marriage. For all the smoke they blow, homosexual activist are actually a small (but motivated) group solidly supporting Obama.

Obama DID win by appealing to rural populist voters. Take a look at the counties he swapped from GOP in 2004 to Obama in 2008 and you will understand this trend. It was not the liberal (and homosexual) populated areas like Madison, but the rural areas like Columbia County that saw some of the biggest change.

This all goes to show that the GOP has more to lose than gain simply politically not to mention morally from accepting homosexuality. The moral conservative base that effectively turned out for Bush languished in enthusiasm for McCain.

The biggest anger and backlash for the GOP is on the fiscal side. Tea parties anyone? Rejecting Steele to speak? These traditional supporters of the Republicans are rightly skeptical and witholding support until they see a true return to limited government, and fiscal sanity. Indeed any Big Tent concept with homosexual voters for the GOP would be best served by simply getting the fiscal part right.


Alexius said...

Lol, "homosexual agenda." Nice; very dramatic. Y'know I always seem to miss the meetings for those. Seems the mailing list may be glitchy.

Alexius said...

Oh, wait--is the homosexual agenda actually, like, an agenda with gay decorations? One of those little books that you keep dates and phone numbers in and that sort of thing? Because I would totally buy one of those if it was. Dunno why you feel so threatened by a little book though.