Sunday, April 12

Response To Evolution and Schools

Alexius responds. Below is a bit of it. My response coming soon. Alexuis, I have to say you write very well. If you don't blog or have written a book you really should.

No, I don’t claim to know how everything began; that is part of the wonder of it, for me, that all of this should have come from something simple. It is impossible, as I believe your Job quote implies, to know exactly what happened when the universe was created; we can observe it only indirectly through lingering radiation and through mathematics. Is the universe infinite in time, especially considering that time as we know it did not exist before the Big Bang? Did the universe unfurl from a single point or multiple points? Has it happened before? Is it a result of parallel universes bumping into each other? Does it happen the same way every time?


I am not saying that a parent should be limited in what they teach
their children, but I don’t want to have to pay to teach it to every
child who passes through a public school, especially as including
creationism in science class is so often a way to undermine science
rather than to contribute to our understanding of it. If a parent wants
to pass on their faith, they should do it through one of the other
avenues available; through their church, through their friends who have
get-togethers expressly for that purpose, or even just instructing
their children themselves; besides, it is much more personal that way,
as spirituality should be. If they want their children to be open to
multiple religious options or learn about the cultural significance of
various beliefs, then they should do so through a religions class or
philosophy course. Science is exclusively the domain of the explainable
and physical, and things that can’t be proven are set aside not
necessarily because scientists think it’s dumb but because there’s
really nothing that they can do with it. (And as far as the North
retaking the South: well, personally I think that as far as morality
goes, slavery, while it kept the South afloat financially, was worth
stopping; however, legally the North wasn’t really justified.)