Tuesday, April 14

Taxes Reflection

"Tax Return Accepted by the IRS" So says the email that just popped into my in-box. My first response was "Rats, if I didn't have tax problems how will I get a position in Obama's cabinet." On the other hand, why wouldn't they take my money, even if I made a few mistakes?

Tax day brings me back to the purpose of taxes. Are they necessary. Yes. Are taxes too high or too low? That is really the wrong question. The question should more be if they are being used for a legitimate end. Are my taxes going to prop up the luxury of those in power? If so, those taxes are wrong. Are my taxes going to snipe out pirates off Somalia? Security is a legitimate government interest, so that's ok.

What about bailing out AIG? Pass. USSR taught us about government business. What about welfare queens? Gov't wasn't' ever designed to play religious duty of helping out the less fortunate by taxing the successful.

Taxes have been abused when they have been targeted specifically with targeted benefit. Taxes are best when they are commonly leveled for the common good.