Wednesday, May 27

The Hispanic Conservative and Tuition for the Illegal

Alex Rodriguez provides a thoughtful response to my previous post:

I do not agree with my conservative brethren that the children of immigrants should be punished because their parents elected to flee from a land of oppression. And yes, I use the word “punish” because it most accurately reflects Pillman’s position. Pillman’s argument misses its mark because it assumes that children are guilty of breaking the law vicariously through their parents. Thus, according to Pillman, they are rendered ineligible for receipt of equal educational privileges enjoyed by non-immigrants.

I argued in the comments of the original article that children can be caught by legitimate laws that their parents don't obey. However, in this case, the children are also breaking the law. It is not even as Alex argues that the equivalent is punishing a child if the parent stole a car. The equivalent of Doyle's proposal would be giving a stereo system to the kid after you caught both the kid and the parent stealing and both have continued in theft.

Again, I just can't see how giving tuition is rewarding lawlessness.

Lady Justice: I have a Dream!

"Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.

And so even though we face the difficulties of everyone saying a justice should be confirmed simply because of her race and sex, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on Capital Hill, the sons of sixties radicals and the sons of former racists will be able to sit down together at a confirmation hearing and be blind to race.

I have a dream that one day even the Supreme Court that tortures the definition of blind equality with affirmative action will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be voted for or appointed by the color of their skin but by their character and qualifications.

I have a dream today!"

Sotomayor: Judges Make Policy

Tuesday, May 26

Chronicle of Irresponsibility

While you were out grilling, the Democratic controlled Finance Committee worked to send more of your money up in smoke: 


- $138,000.00 in savings over two years from the Medigap Helpline. Oh wait, the "savings" is lapsed into the general fund for other spending. Not a cut.

-Approved $25,000.00 for a feasibility study. Looks like I spoke too fast. With a $6 billion dollar deficit staring us in the face, do we have the money, even if it is only $25,000, to spend on a study?

Tip to Avoid Swine Flu: Don't do this

Thursday, May 21

Help the legal not illegal

This is in response to "Undocumented Immigrants should recieve state tuition" by Tim Schilke

Laws are made to be followed. People are punished for breaking the laws, not rewarded. Such notions might be common sense and require the barest of understanding of justice and government but don't count on it when it comes to illegal immigration.

Doyle has proposed instate tuition for illegal immigrants but doing so will only hurt immigrants and the state and country they so desire to come to.

Of course I have to say before we actually engage the argument that I'm not opposed to immigrants or hate Mexicans, latinos, etc. In fact I was personally born in Ecuador and have Ecuadorian citizenship. I love to speak Spanish and enjoy Latino culture. I have frequently visited South American countries and have shared the heartbreak of those who live there and here and try to navigate the increasingly obtuse immigration laws.

Indeed, Doyle's idea must be opposed precisely because it hurts legal immigrants.

Please let me introduce you to Adrianna Sari a good friend of mine from Ecuador. She worked hard through high school and had the the academic and even financial means to come to study here in the United States. She knows English. She had plans to return to Ecuador and was willing to not even work here if the laws dictated such. No luck. After wasting hundreds of dollars on speaking to American immigration officials she remains stuck with not only no tuition but no opportunity to study here. Why? Because she followed the law.

Contrast that with any random illegal immigrant whether they are from Canada, Ecuador, or Poland. They break the law and avoid the proper course that Adrianna took to try and come to our land of opportunity. We miss them on the boarder and they graduate from a Wisconsin high school. Luck strikes! Free tuition! Why? Because she broke our law and ran the boarder.

Since when has the American opportunity become the opportunity to reward those who break the law and punish those who follow it? Why have we developed a false sense of compassion for those illegally within the country and still discriminate against those who want to follow the law?

One of the biggest differences between America and other countries people flee from is the rule of law. Ecuador has a very fragile understanding of the rule of law and their security and prosperity suffer. And yet Doyle is trying to destroy this same bedrock principle.

Doyle, stop rewarding the lawless and punishing the lawabiding. Give and help the legal not illegal for our own good and their own good.

Oxymoronic Term of the day

Ecuador Battles Chevron

This NYT article highlights how Chevron has been caught in the new political climate in Ecuador.

Texaco [now Chevron] reached a $40 million agreement with Ecuador to clean a
portion of the well sites and waste pits in its concession area,
absolving it of future liability. But that cleanup, carried out in the
1990s, was far from the bookend Texaco hoped to achieve. Instead,
villagers in Ecuador became convinced they were getting sick from the
pollution left behind. They filed suit in 1993 in the United States,
and later claimed that their grievances were not covered by Texaco’s
settlement agreement.

With little respect for the law and major populism sweeping the country, any company should be ware of doing business there.

Monday, May 18

Common Ground between dead baby and live baby?

Today Obama chatted about common ground over the issue of abortion. First, show me any common ground he has found as president. So far he has planted himself firmly on the side of death. Second, can you have common ground when the two options are dead baby or live baby? Is he proposing that he have sick or mutilated baby but not dead? And since when did the constitutional protection of life need a moderate point of view?

All smoke screen.

Picture of the Day

Not only the US that has bridges to nowhere. This one in Cuenca Ecuador. Photo courtesy of Justo Pillman.

Saturday, May 9

More talk about Mitch Daniels for Prez

This is the sort of person, Republicans should be looking at for Prez. Someone with conservative credentials who knows how to govern.

That is correct. Our old friend Mitch Daniels, who went home to Indiana to engage in some hands-on governing after years as a well-liked Republican apparatchik here in Washington, says lambasting the other guy is not enough. The voters kind of like to know where candidates propose to take them.

Thursday, May 7

A Modest Marriage (Institute) Proposal

The continued disintegration of marriage continues to weigh heavily upon me. It is time that Wisconsin have a marriage institute to ward off problems and work to sustain and promote healthy marriages.

Here is the need:

According to the Bureau of Health and Information Policy “[i]n 2008, the ratio of Wisconsin marriages to Wisconsin divorces was 1.9 to 1 (there were 1.9 marriages for each divorce). This ratio has been falling since 1920, when it was 9.2 to 1; it was 6.7 to 1 in 1960; 2.2 to 1 in 1990; and 2.1 to 1 in 2000.”

Hardest hit are the children under the age of 18. Over fifty of all Wisconsin divorces in 2008 involved children under the age of 18.2

Although marriage has been defined under the Constitution as being only between one man and one women, this too continues to be under constant pressure primarily by homosexual activist who want recognitions for other forms of marriage. Just look at the same sex register for couples that Doyle is promoting.

The Program:

Wisconsin Marriage Institute would recognize its members by sending the wife an anniversary gift. Gifts and gift registries for couples soon to be married would also be promoted to establish new members.

Wisconsin Marriage Institute would also provide educational resources to its members who face marriage difficulties—another given reason to be a member. Membership in WMI would be a type of marriage insurance. Not legal or absolute insurance but a guiding hand and dedicated organization to the preservation of your marriage. These resource would be especially targeted at pastors to help WMI members in their church. For example, WMI would email and/or mail the couple evaluation questions once during the year to measure their marriage health and encourage the couple.

Once every year it would also hold a couples “date night” with extra special dinning, speakers, and celebration of each of the married couples and marriage in general in the state. Members would also renew their membership at this time.

Interested? See full .pdf of the proposal.

Wednesday, May 6

US Finds Decades worth of New Natural Gas

This is good news for American energy. Perhaps time to buy a natural gas car. Notice too, was it government or "big oil" that brought us this new solution. Credit where credit.

A massive natural-gas discovery here in northern Louisiana heralds a big shift in the nation's energy landscape. After an era of declining production, the U.S. is now swimming in natural gas.

Tuesday, May 5

Supreme Court Nomoniee

One standard:  Do you support the constitution and have the qualifications for the job?

Avoid: Litmus tests. Be it issue, race, creed, or party. Please can we move past nominating people for the color of their skin or gender?

Proof Needed: Homsexuals support Marriage

Homosexuals have put on their best mask and pranced around the country saying they want homosexual marriage for stability, children, etc.

Yet they seem AWOL when it comes to marriage in any other context. Advance laws that decrease divorce? Strengthen laws against sex offenders? Porn filters in libraries? Sexual abuse against minors?

The facade should be obvious: It's not for the sake of marriage; they have no desire to strengthen marriage. All homosexual activists desire is societal legitimacy for their actions and a normative redefinition of the family structure.

Also, Maggie Gallgher has one of the best, thorough, and solid defenses of marriage.

Source of Government Corruption

Not enough laws? Too many lobbyists?

How about too much spending? The balloon analogy is especially good. 

Monday, May 4

No school disapproval of religion

A California court has held that you can't knock Christianity in the classroom according to the 1st Amend. The ruling held that when James Corbett told his history class that creationism was "superstitious nonsense" he violated the establishment clause of the Constitution.

Kudos to the court for getting closer to consistent when in comes to irreligious belief in the classroom, but this ruling got schools no closer to a sane and logical solution.

Again, I would give much more deference to the parents in matters of education. What did they think?

HT: Worldmagblog

Saturday, May 2

National Organization for Marriage Launches Miss California Ad

The ad is based off of her now famous response to a question about states legalizing homosexual marriage. If you have the ability, NOM is a solid organization to support for the defense of marriage.

And then Perez Hilton thinks he can sue for copyright infringement for the use of this profane personal attack that show his true colors? Now that is laughable. Small thing called "fair use" and 1st Amendment here Hilton.

Friday, May 1

Pakistan/Afghanistan Problem: Militant Islam

Bolton speaks sound needed truth:
Contrary to Western "international nannies," the primary conflict motivators in both countries [Pakistan and Afghanistan] are ethnic and tribal loyalties, religious fanaticism and simple opportunism. It is not a case of the "have nots" rising against the "haves," but of True Believers on a divine mission. Accordingly, neither greater economic assistance, nor more civilian advisers upcountry, nor stronger democratic institutions will eliminate the strategic threat nearly soon enough.

Planned Barrenhood Covers up Sexual Abuse...Again

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr reports

In a recorded telephone conversation between a girl posing as a 14-year-old
and a Planned Parenthood employee at its Overland Park, Kansas facility,
the employee is informed that the young girl believes she may be pregnant
by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Planned Parenthood invites the young girl to the clinic for a pregnancy test
and informs the potential statutory rape victim that her sexual abuser
can come to the clinic to pick up the contraceptives.

The lawmakers tell that, at no point during the recorded
conversation, does the employee raise any concerns about sexual abuse,
despite the fact that the situation described constitutes Aggravated
Indecent Liberties under Kansas law.

“This shocking conversation is consistent with a nationwide Planned Parenthood
pattern of covering up sexual abuse of young girls,” said Huelskamp,
also a candidate for Congress.

Domestic Partner Registry and Response

Doyle is including a domestic partner registry for those who want to violate the Wisconsin Constitution that protects marriage between one man and one woman. Here is how Wisconsin should respond:

1. Try and block it in the Assembly and Senate. This will be tough however as Democrats control both chambers. Let's be blunt: they don't care about the Constitution or the laws and will try and pass this.

2. Challenge the law through the courts. The constitution and the will of the voters was plain when they passed it was to protect marriage and anything "identical or substantially similar to marriage." This is blatant disregard for our Constitution. Isn't the governor suppose to protect it?

3. Pairs of guys (who are not homosexuals) should apply for the registry if it is enacted. The whole system falls apart if every college dorm roommates can collect partner benefits. This is bluff, so call them on it.

Doyle on Chrysler: I don't know why the baby cries when pinched

Doyle cries about the closing of the Chrysler plant here in Wisconsin:

“This plan is contrary to what Chrysler has been telling us all along,”
Governor Doyle said. “Now we find out through the news media that they
may be shipping Wisconsin’s jobs to Mexico. This is outrageous.
Wisconsin workers are willing to invest their hard earned tax dollars
to help save Chrysler but it is unfair to ask those same workers to
sacrifice their jobs to save a foreign plant making the exact same

Yeah, but through the other side of your mouth you raise taxes no wonder businesses are moving out. And to Mexico? If labor is cheaper why not. We aren't letting the Mexican's in.

1 a.m.: When drinks drunk and taxes enacted

Image via Wikipedia

Joint Finance committee voted on the budget 14 hours after the
scheduled time, at 1 a.m. Part of the plan was a new light rail system
for a train system in south eastern Wisconsin. Seeing that taxpayers
will pay $25 per ride to cover the difference for a $28 ride I don't know who thinks this is much of a deal either.

wrong with trains. I would ride and use a train if practical. I like to
be able to read on my way to work. But $28? How is that suppose to help
the people of Wisconsin during these hard economic times? I can drive
across the state to Madison for $28 each way. This is a huge government

All Republicans voted against; all Democrats for.