Tuesday, May 26

Chronicle of Irresponsibility

While you were out grilling, the Democratic controlled Finance Committee worked to send more of your money up in smoke: 


- $138,000.00 in savings over two years from the Medigap Helpline. Oh wait, the "savings" is lapsed into the general fund for other spending. Not a cut.

-Approved $25,000.00 for a feasibility study. Looks like I spoke too fast. With a $6 billion dollar deficit staring us in the face, do we have the money, even if it is only $25,000, to spend on a study?

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Jake said...

That article was almost incomprehensible. I see all this whining and absolutely nothing constructive. Doyle hacks me off quite often, but all the right wingers who cry and whine had nary a word to say when TommyT spent 16 years destroying the state budget, tax structure and the open honest political climate we were famous for. You know when let corporations run things and not pay any taxes, federally or statewise, you get what we are (and actually have been getting for decades) getting now. A corresponding increase in property taxes.

Anyway enough of my rant. You are kind of young so I won't hold you responsible for Tommy T, Lucas, but you really need to actually look at facts and read something besides the Bible and right wing talking points.