Thursday, May 21

Help the legal not illegal

This is in response to "Undocumented Immigrants should recieve state tuition" by Tim Schilke

Laws are made to be followed. People are punished for breaking the laws, not rewarded. Such notions might be common sense and require the barest of understanding of justice and government but don't count on it when it comes to illegal immigration.

Doyle has proposed instate tuition for illegal immigrants but doing so will only hurt immigrants and the state and country they so desire to come to.

Of course I have to say before we actually engage the argument that I'm not opposed to immigrants or hate Mexicans, latinos, etc. In fact I was personally born in Ecuador and have Ecuadorian citizenship. I love to speak Spanish and enjoy Latino culture. I have frequently visited South American countries and have shared the heartbreak of those who live there and here and try to navigate the increasingly obtuse immigration laws.

Indeed, Doyle's idea must be opposed precisely because it hurts legal immigrants.

Please let me introduce you to Adrianna Sari a good friend of mine from Ecuador. She worked hard through high school and had the the academic and even financial means to come to study here in the United States. She knows English. She had plans to return to Ecuador and was willing to not even work here if the laws dictated such. No luck. After wasting hundreds of dollars on speaking to American immigration officials she remains stuck with not only no tuition but no opportunity to study here. Why? Because she followed the law.

Contrast that with any random illegal immigrant whether they are from Canada, Ecuador, or Poland. They break the law and avoid the proper course that Adrianna took to try and come to our land of opportunity. We miss them on the boarder and they graduate from a Wisconsin high school. Luck strikes! Free tuition! Why? Because she broke our law and ran the boarder.

Since when has the American opportunity become the opportunity to reward those who break the law and punish those who follow it? Why have we developed a false sense of compassion for those illegally within the country and still discriminate against those who want to follow the law?

One of the biggest differences between America and other countries people flee from is the rule of law. Ecuador has a very fragile understanding of the rule of law and their security and prosperity suffer. And yet Doyle is trying to destroy this same bedrock principle.

Doyle, stop rewarding the lawless and punishing the lawabiding. Give and help the legal not illegal for our own good and their own good.


Zeus said...

This is an utterly ridiculous and poorly framed argument on so many fronts I don't know where to begin.

1. How many children who had to have been here since they were no older than 15 (most of them much younger) and who get good grades are personally responsible for not being documented?

2. You only made a case for how it would "hurt" non immigrants not actual immigrants legal or illegal? Are you going to make a part 2?

I don't mean to be condescending but you have a lot to learn, and you might want to talk to conservative Hispanic organizations like mine Hispanic Commonweal and get a variety of different perspectives before toeing the party line...Yes I vote Republican.

You can read what I wrote (that was published in the letter to the editor for "Aqui Milwaukee" last month here, Hispanic Commonweal's letter to the editor You can also check out my cousin's blog at The Hispanic ConservativeIf you would like to discuss it more, you can contact either of us through our websites.


Jesus Rodriguez, President
Hispanic Commonweal 2009

Zeus said...

The html backlinks did only show up in the little pop up box, so you will have to get the links through there.

arod said...

Are you going to advance the argument that children are responsible for their parent's disregard for the law? If so, then some of us "legal" citizens will be in a lot of trouble.

Lucas said...

Jesus Rodriguez:

Thanks for your comments, and I applaud what your organization does with working to preserve the family structure.

1. Children often suffer for the poor decision that their parents make. I do not deny this. If a parent murders their child might be seriously in trouble if the parents are put in jail. The answer for the parents is to apply and get citizenship for their children, not avoid the law. Irresponsible parents does not mean that we should throw out the law they are violating. This is the only just way to treat all Hispanics equally. Right now we discriminate against those who try and come legally into the country.

2. I hope that this was implied but after reading my article again, it might help to make it explicit. This hurts illegal immigrants because they are now becoming part of a lawbreaking of the very things that sets us apart and makes us strong.

Illegal immigrants also live outside of the law, in the shadows, and providing free tuition only encourages that. I know of illegal immigrants here that have had crimes committed against them and yet they are afraid to go to the law since they fear being deported/found out. Our Constitution and laws provide special protections (as they should) to citizens. Am I wrong to desire these for my immigrant friends?

And I am as frustrated with Republicans as Democrats on this issue. Republicans and unions don't want to admit that the vast majority of immigrants are hardworking people. People who America should WANT and welcome with only checks for security concerns.

Democrats simply don't want to follow the law and reward those who break the law and punish those who don't.

Jesus, could you accept an arrangement that allowed many more legal immigrants but still punishes and does not reward those who break our laws?

btw, I'm still having trouble seeing your links too.

Lucas said...


Children should not be responsible for the crimes of their parents. But childhood does not absolve you from some of the consequences from the choices your parents have made. If your parents are negligent and don't give you your shots, that doesn't entitle you to free medical care. If your parents are negligent and don't get American citizenship should we give them free school? If we give tuition help to those here illegally, why not to every high school kid in Madrid, Calcutta or Mexico City?

After all, aren't you really advancing the argument that children are responsible for their parent's REGARD for the law. In other words in your case children (still outside of the US) are getting punished for their parents following the law.

So please explain why we should reward--even the children--of those who break our law with tuition help well not helping those who have followed the law.

All I am wanting Doyle to do is uphold the law.

arod said...


In all fairness, I thought I would let you know that I will publish a piece (probably monday)regarding this issue while using your argument as a point of reference and clarification.

Lucas said...


I welcome the chance to have a constructive conversation on this. Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to reading your article.


Lucas said...


Could you send me a link? I actually don't think I know who you are, or know where I will find your article.


arod said...

You can find it at www.thehispanicconservative.comIt's a critique of your article. Although we are both conservatives, we obviously don't agree on this issue.