Wednesday, May 27

The Hispanic Conservative and Tuition for the Illegal

Alex Rodriguez provides a thoughtful response to my previous post:

I do not agree with my conservative brethren that the children of immigrants should be punished because their parents elected to flee from a land of oppression. And yes, I use the word “punish” because it most accurately reflects Pillman’s position. Pillman’s argument misses its mark because it assumes that children are guilty of breaking the law vicariously through their parents. Thus, according to Pillman, they are rendered ineligible for receipt of equal educational privileges enjoyed by non-immigrants.

I argued in the comments of the original article that children can be caught by legitimate laws that their parents don't obey. However, in this case, the children are also breaking the law. It is not even as Alex argues that the equivalent is punishing a child if the parent stole a car. The equivalent of Doyle's proposal would be giving a stereo system to the kid after you caught both the kid and the parent stealing and both have continued in theft.

Again, I just can't see how giving tuition is rewarding lawlessness.

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lucas law said...

I agree and you have a point there. Very interesting concept.