Thursday, May 7

A Modest Marriage (Institute) Proposal

The continued disintegration of marriage continues to weigh heavily upon me. It is time that Wisconsin have a marriage institute to ward off problems and work to sustain and promote healthy marriages.

Here is the need:

According to the Bureau of Health and Information Policy “[i]n 2008, the ratio of Wisconsin marriages to Wisconsin divorces was 1.9 to 1 (there were 1.9 marriages for each divorce). This ratio has been falling since 1920, when it was 9.2 to 1; it was 6.7 to 1 in 1960; 2.2 to 1 in 1990; and 2.1 to 1 in 2000.”

Hardest hit are the children under the age of 18. Over fifty of all Wisconsin divorces in 2008 involved children under the age of 18.2

Although marriage has been defined under the Constitution as being only between one man and one women, this too continues to be under constant pressure primarily by homosexual activist who want recognitions for other forms of marriage. Just look at the same sex register for couples that Doyle is promoting.

The Program:

Wisconsin Marriage Institute would recognize its members by sending the wife an anniversary gift. Gifts and gift registries for couples soon to be married would also be promoted to establish new members.

Wisconsin Marriage Institute would also provide educational resources to its members who face marriage difficulties—another given reason to be a member. Membership in WMI would be a type of marriage insurance. Not legal or absolute insurance but a guiding hand and dedicated organization to the preservation of your marriage. These resource would be especially targeted at pastors to help WMI members in their church. For example, WMI would email and/or mail the couple evaluation questions once during the year to measure their marriage health and encourage the couple.

Once every year it would also hold a couples “date night” with extra special dinning, speakers, and celebration of each of the married couples and marriage in general in the state. Members would also renew their membership at this time.

Interested? See full .pdf of the proposal.