Friday, May 1

Planned Barrenhood Covers up Sexual Abuse...Again

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr reports

In a recorded telephone conversation between a girl posing as a 14-year-old
and a Planned Parenthood employee at its Overland Park, Kansas facility,
the employee is informed that the young girl believes she may be pregnant
by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Planned Parenthood invites the young girl to the clinic for a pregnancy test
and informs the potential statutory rape victim that her sexual abuser
can come to the clinic to pick up the contraceptives.

The lawmakers tell that, at no point during the recorded
conversation, does the employee raise any concerns about sexual abuse,
despite the fact that the situation described constitutes Aggravated
Indecent Liberties under Kansas law.

“This shocking conversation is consistent with a nationwide Planned Parenthood
pattern of covering up sexual abuse of young girls,” said Huelskamp,
also a candidate for Congress.