Thursday, June 18

Around the Web: Website Development

I just created a website for my church Christ the King Lutheran. I again used Joomla to create the website--a CMS I continue to be very impressed with. The biggest part of Joomla is the extensions that you can plug into it. Do not like the editor? Find a plug in that does it. Want to add pictures or a special way to edit the HTML? Again there are thousands of extensions many of them which you can use for free.

For website hosting I used Fatcows. Not only do they provide one of the cheapest plans but they also have top of the line customer support. I had used GoDaddy in the past and was satisfied with their price (not as good as FatCows though) but had troubles with their help and site navigation. Fatcows has a better navigation system and less service advertisements. It is simple, clean, and effective.

I have had a few issues with server speed, but they seem to have addressed those. If you do use Fat cows, please enter my website ( in as your referral and I will get a slight discount on my next membership renewal.


yoSAMite said...

Nice job on the website. I also used Joomla on our churches coffee house -

Anonymous said...

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