Sunday, June 21

Climate Change Reconsidered: 25,000 Scientists

An important work has been published by prominent scientists and signed by thousands that questions the whole man made global warming fraud. Don't get caught swallowing the lure before you read Climate Change Reconsidered.


Climate Chaos said...

Excellent suggestion. It leads to a large number of other sources of information and data.

Jake said...

You do realize this is simply a rehashing of the Oregan Climate Petition deal where less than 30 claimed to be climatologist, or even work in those fields, and none of those names known. Fred Singer and the other mouth pieces don't have any documented science to back their claims. All they have done is cherry picked, misrepresented and even made up data to support their "theory".

Please Lucas I'm all for poking holes in the establishment, but you really must have facts to support it and this just doesn't.